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The Finnish Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, or FSFFWA for short, is a national Finnish organization for the writers of speculative fiction. FSFFWA was founded in 1984 to raise the standard of Finnish fantasy and sf writing, to educate Finnish writers and to promote Finnish sf and fantasy both abroad and in Finland.

To reach these goals FSFFWA organizes nationally acknowledged writing courses, publishes the Kosmoskynä (Cosmos Pen) literary journal and maintains various cost-free services for its members.

Through the association’s critique service and writing circles FSFFWA’s members can both get professional analysis of their work and be in contact with other writers. In addition, FSFFWA acts through co-operation projects with other Finnish science fiction societies. Most essential of those projects is the annual NOVA short story writing competition, which FSFFWA has organized with the Turku Science Fiction Society since 2000, and since 2017 also with The Science Fiction Culture Cabinet at University of Turku.